Beyond Biomag 3D
The best way to detect and identify anatomical scan points
From Dr. Luis F. Garcia

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Neodinium Magnets

Gauss Strength: At least 1500. Our magnets come in 3 basic sizes: Small 0.5 inches, Medium 1.0 inch and Large 1.5 inch.  Magnets for use in Biomagnetism must have at least 1,000 surface Gauss so that they may provide the proper benefit. Magnets are usually rated in terms of the Core Gauss or the Maximum magnetic force at the dead center of a magnet. This is usually almost 10 times stronger than the surface Gauss. Therefore a magnet with 1,500 surface Gauss will have about 14,000 core Gauss. In order for Biomagnetism to function correctly, magnets of at least 1,000 surface Gauss or 11,000 Core Gauss or BrMax Gauss or above ratings are desired for optimal use. Our magnets all have a surface Gauss of at least 1,500 Gauss.  They are encased in an imported and very special water resistant synthetic leather material so that they can be washed and will not wear out for years! We offer a 5 year warranty on our magnets. They are proudly hand made here in the USA and have taken years to develop for maximum resistance and durability.



RPC Multivitamin – $116

Do you need support for your immune system or metabolism? Buy RPC Multivitamin today for yourself, your family, friends, or someone you care about. Visit our RPC MULTIVITAMIN FAQ site.


TELMO REHM EMF Protector – $22.00

EMF Protector for electronic equiptment including ipods, ipads, tablets, and all Cell phones: Iphones, Samsung and others. These shields will distort and alter the hazardous EMF fields radiating from your cell phone without interrupting cell phone signal and providing a more calming sensation when using your cell phone. Check out our video explanation here.


Personal EMF Protector Pendant – $45.00

Fullfills ISO and ANSI RAB Certification. Used by computer operators since 1998. Ideal for airline crew and passengers exposed to high EMF fields. Recommended by Doctors to reduce electromagnetic stress.  These protectors help disperse electromagnetic fields effects on our bodies.  Check out our video explanation here.