Beyond Biomag 3D
The best way to detect and identify anatomical scan points
From Dr. Luis F. Garcia

Our Products


1.5″ Inch Diameter Neodinium Magnets – $25 per pair

Gauss Strength: At least 1500


1.0″ Inch Diameter Neodinium Magnets – $20 per pair

Gauss Strength: At least 1500


RPC Multivitamin – $116

Do you need support for your immune system or metabolism? Buy RPC Multivitamin today for yourself, your family, friends, or someone you care about. Visit our RPC MULTIVITAMIN FAQ site.


Biomagnetism Shoes – OUT OF STOCK

Specialized Shoes for working with Biomagnetism.  These shoes have been adapted to fit shoe sizes from a size 7 toddler  to size 13 adult shoe. Fits most size feet.  By using these shoes with clients, you will no longer have to worry about getting your hands and clothing dirty or contaminated with dirt and other contaminants from the streets.  The lines in the heels permit easy visualization of leg length discrepancies during therapy.  These shoes have been adapted with velcro straps for easy placement and removal from client. ***For International orders, please add an additional payment of $20 via paypal to for additional Shipping and Handling charges.


TELMO REHM EMF Protector – $20.00

EMF Protector for electronic equiptment including ipods, ipads, tablets, and all Cell phones: Iphones, Samsung and others. These shields will distort and alter the hazardous EMF fields radiating from your cell phone without interrupting cell phone signal and providing a more calming sensation when using your cell phone. Check out our video explanation here.


Personal EMF Protector Pendant – $40.00

Fullfills ISO and ANSI RAB Certification. Used by computer operators since 1998. Ideal for airline crew and passengers exposed to high EMF fields. Recommended by Doctors to reduce electromagnetic stress.  These protectors help disperse electromagnetic fields effects on our bodies.  Check out our video explanation here.