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From Dr. Luis F. Garcia

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Dr.Garcia and biomagnetism gave me my life back. I was referred to Dr. Garcia by my doctor after countless conventional and alternative therapies failed me. At the time of my first session in April 2014, I suffered from debilitating fatigue, hormonal issues including severe acne and unexplained weight gain, tick borne diseases including lyme disease and co-infections, and severe digestive problems among other symptoms.
I had almost given up hope on ever feeling better, but after meeting Dr. Garcia and learning about biomagnetism, I decided to give his therapy a try. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. After a little over a year of therapy, Dr. Garcia has relieved me of all of the symptoms I have suffered from for years. I am a completely new person, with the energy to pursue a graduate degree in business last fall, a dream of mine that would not have been possible without Dr. Garcia and biomagnetism. Friends tell me I “look better than I have in years” and my parents are thrilled “to have their happy, energetic daughter back”.
I am so blessed to have Dr. Garcia and Biomagnetism in my life and cannot recommend the therapy enough.

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Garcia!

– Alli S. Pennsylvania

Lyme Disease

Dr. Garcia has been a blessing not only to me but to my entire family; I first came to know of the wonders of biogmagnetism when Dr. Garcia treated my mom, who used to suffer from fibromyalgia, after a couple of therapies her recovery was amazing and she is now enjoying a healthy life.  After seeing the results the therapy had on my mother’s health I decided to give it a try myself.   I have suffered from severe allergies since I was about 16 years old; I had already been through a series of medical treatments that only relieved my allergies temporarily.  After the first biomagnetism therapy, my allergy symptoms started to decrease considerably, to the point where I didn’t have to take my daily allergy medication.

 I encouraged my wife to receive several therapies as she had chronic back pain and we had also been trying to get pregnant.  After a couple of therapies, my wife’s back pain decreased considerably and a couple of months later we found out we were pregnant!   We were blessed with a healthy girl who is also enjoying the benefits of biomagnetism.  

Our daughter, Camila Q.

Our daughter, Camila Q.

I would encourage those of you who are considering alternative medicine to visit Dr. Garcia, his vast medical background and the power of biomagnetism will truly change the way you think about alternative medicine.

Jairo Q. – New Jersey

Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Chronic back pain

After 10 years of illness, I was referred to Dr. Garcia by my medical doctor who, like dozens before him, couldn’t relieve my symptoms.  Suffering from severe gastrointestinal issues, parasites, fungal infections, viruses, lyme disease and co-infections, adrenal fatigue, PVCs, profound fatigue, hypothyroidism, ovarian cysts, muscle and joint pain–the list is too long for this page–I thought there would be no end.  After the first biomagnetism therapy, my body started to feel calm instead of in a state of panic, and less like it was being eaten from the inside out from all the infections that I had raging inside of me.  Aches and pains improved, vision and skin integrity, and diarrhea better controlled, along with some unexpected improvements such as a fungal rash disappearing within 3 days after having it for over 10 years, and bleeding and cracked lips healed.   We have learned so much from him such as how much I was specifically affected by EMF and radiation, heavy metals, food allergens, mold, and how to do our best to prevent illness in the first place.  

I have learned and experienced personally with Dr. Garcia’s sessions how the cause of so many illnesses, from a headache to cancer, can be caused by pathogens. As a physical therapist with a doctoral degree, I am blown away at how quickly chronic muscle and joint pain, neurological symptoms, as well as leg length discrepancy can be impacted sometimes instantly with this approach!  Biomagnetism addresses the underlying causes of so many symptoms.  

It has been a long journey for me, since I have been sick for so many years.  I will continue to improve with biomagnetism and am very blessed that my medical doctor and Dr. Garcia can work as a team with prescriptions, supplements, etc.  Most of all, I have hope knowing that I have seen improvement after so many years of failed medical treatments, and that I will continue to get healthier.

Sara B. – Pennsylvania

Lyme disease, Adrenal fatigue

Anthony - New York

Priscila - New York

Hi Dr. Garcia,

As a recap, some of the major problems that I have had started back around 1990 were multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, colitis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.   I never went to a mall because of all the chemical and perfume smells and I could not even stand cooking smells.  In 2004 I was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) a degenerative liver disease.

Two and a half years ago when my primary doctor at Stockton Family Practice recommended I try Biomagnetism therapy using magnets.  I really thought he had flipped and I wanted to reject this until I spoke with you.  We resonated almost immediately since you used words that were similar to things I believed in, they were similar to other holistic natural treatments I had tried in the past, so I gave myself the opportunity to try yet another system.  I had been in pain for over 20 years starting from a tailbone break onward, after the first treatment all this pain went away for 4 weeks.  The treatment plan was supposed to be once a month for several months until I could gradually extend my sessions.  Today, I have been able to extend this time period for up to 5 months!  This is Ok with me because if and when I return to any discomfort or other problems I know what I can do and where I can go!  I do live in reality, I know I must adhere to my GF diet, no dairy and muscle test foods always.  You have balanced my organs to the point where they are functioning much better and to think about it, I have not had any digestive problems lately.  I now understand that our bodies are complex systems that can heal themselves when given the proper pH and magnetic conditions.

On another note, I would love to share my latest colonoscopy test results.  It has been 3 years since my last colonoscopy test and at that time I still had colitis.  There is very definite evidence that I had very active Colitis in the past due to the extensive scarring still present in the films. This scarring does not cause any problems.  At this time I have NO COLITIS AT ALL, NO POLYPS OR ANY PRE CANCER CELLS.  I do a lot of other internal exercises  to stay healthy, but your Biomagnetism therapy is the only really different thing that I have done for the last 2 and 1/2 years of the 3 since my last test.  Additionally, test results for the PSC have been consistently normal with no elevation at all.  No matter what other system I may try I will always remain a patient of Biomagnetism therapy, for semiannual tweaking or whenever necessary.  It can be easy through stress to get unbalanced and I know now where to go if that happens again.

I have never believed the old adage that “old age meant you had to have aches and pains” but when I was faced with the above named diseases it was a challenge to keep the faith and not fall into the trap of believing what they say.  I am a pretty strong willed person so I tried many different modalities to regain my health.  I believe that lots of things out there do work but not for everyone.  What I can say is that Biomagnetism therapy is the only therapy that has made a significant difference in my life.  I have more energy now than when I was much younger, and my aches and pains and degenerative conditions have reversed themselves.

I now understand that we CAN regain our health even after the retirement years!  You just need to find the right path!

Marsha Nolan –New Jersey

Biomagnetism & Leg Pain - New Jersey

Walking Improved

I feel AMAZING and full of life. The weight of all the emotional burden I was carrying for the last month or so has been lifted.

I feel it it my face, my eyes feel larger and I am aware of the constant upward smile of my mouth. My cells feel like they are dancing & vibrating the way I love them to be, happy. I was able to finally meditate deeply again after weeks of struggle. I also feel like my energy field has expanded out so far and I am able to move energy on myself again the way I could months ago. And it’s not going unnoticed by those close as well as clients.

My husband commented to me the following day how since the day prior my whole attitude & demeanor completely shifted. I feel positive and hopeful again.

The session set me back on the course I know I am supposed to be on that I had veered from. And it feels incredible to be back on track to working towards being a glowing light.

Many, many thanks

Jen Colombo -Connecticut