Seminar Programs

Level 1

  1. Introduction.
  • Evolution and physics of matter. Elementary concepts. Fundamental physical forces. Elementary physics of matter.
  • The biomagnetic pole and the biomagnetic pair.
  • States of matter, general concepts. Inorganic and organic matter.
  1. Concepts of medical biomagnetism.
  • The NEN concept.
  • Biomagnetic pole concept. North and south biomagnetic pole.
  • Influences of biomagnetism. Characteristics. Relationship of the biomagnetic pair and the neutral energy level.
  • Influence of biomagnetism on living materials and beings.
  • Biomagnetic diagnosis. Characteristics. Allopathic diagnosis vs. biomagnetism. Biomagnetic therapy. Duration. Results.
  • Medical biomagnetism. In viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections.
  1. Bases of the biomagnetic pair.
  • Biomagnetism and magnetotherapies concepts.
  • Magnetization of water.
  • PH concept. Organic pH regulation. pH of the biomagnetic pair.
  • Universal law of charges (Coulomb’s law).
  • Resonance concept. Resonance in nature, in medicine and in the biomagnetic pair.
  • Symbiosis concept. Mutualism and parasitism. The viral-bacterial symbiosis. Symbiosis in the biomagnetic pair.
  • Rheology concept. Rheology in the human body: blood, lymphatic, aerial and humoral rheology.
  • Entropy concept.
  • Concept of “intentionality”.
  1. Microbiology of the biomagnetic pair.
  • History of the etiology of the disease.
  • History of the infectious etiology of the disease. The “mistakes of Louis Pasteur”.
  • Microbiology concepts. Viruses, prions, bacteria, fungi, parasites.
  1. Theory and clinic of the biomagnetic pair.
  • Concepts in magnetotherapy.
  • Golden rules of medical biomagnetism.
  1. Types of biomagnetic pairs.
  • Regular pairs.
  • Reservoir pairs.
  • Special pairs.
  • Complex pairs.
  • Temporary pairs.

Level 2

  1. Infectious pathophysiology in medical biomagnetism.
  • The tumor phenomenon according to the biomagnetic pair. Exudates concept. Infiltrator concept. Septic infiltrate concept. Abscess concept. Dysplasia concept. Benign neoplasm concept. Malignancy concept. Metastasis concept.
  • Cancer. Malignancy factor. Regionality factor. Slow growth factor. Explosive growth factor. Membrane injury factor. Metastasis factor. Septic necrosis factor.
  • Concept of “disaster areas”. Theorizing about tumor genesis. Manifestation of Dr. Goiz.
  1. Exploration methodology.
  • Biomagnetic pairs.
  • Pre-tumor and tumor phenomena.
  • Vascular problems.
  • Psychological problems.
  • Sophrological problems.
  • Emotional problems.
  • Hormonal problems.
  • Toxic and deficiency problems.
  • Spiritual problems.
  • Malignancy problems.
  • Embryology.
  1. Energetic and tele-energetic.
  • Methodology and practice of medical energy.
  • Methodology and practice of tele-energy treatment.
  1. Treatment of serious illnesses. 
  1. Practical cases (biomagnetism courses).
  1. Special topics (Coronavirus, Lyme disease and malaria in Kenya – Dr. García Experience). 
  1. Jaramillo soup.