[Part 4/7] | How Dr Luis Garcia figured out Biomagnetism?

Dr. Schaffner: That’s a fun story. And what I’m thinking too is you know, the magnet pairs seem kind of like a simple a pretty elegant, but very simple technique and you’ve studied. And Dr. Garcia so I mean, when I read your bio, you’re very well educated. You’ve studied a lot of conventional but also like alternative techniques and you have stuck with bio magnetism. How did you find bio magnetism and really, what made you so passionate about it?

Dr. Garcia: Okay. Yes, excellent question. And so it’s interesting because after college or as I was in college, my father who went to Columbia to learn medicine a little bit better, only because Medicine in Colombia is seven years as opposed to four years here in the United States. And so I thought, ooh, seven years as opposed to four, but all right, I’ll give it a try for a year. So I went for a year after college and just loved it, fell in love with the country, the culture, everything.

And realize that, yes, I would become a more well rounded medical doctor if I did the training in Colombia, only because here in the United States, it’s over the four years of medical school; it’s two years academics and then two years rotation through the different specialties. In Colombia, it’s also two years academics but five years of rotations through the specialties. So in the United States, as you know, it’s six to eight weeks rotation through each individual specialty, in Colombia it’s six months. So it’s six months of review, six months of surgery, six months of Pediatrics, six months of you know, you name it.

And so, by the time I graduated, I had delivered over 150 babies by myself. And so you know, you’re kind of thrown in the water and either you sink or swim. You got to learn all these things very quickly. And so I did that. And after graduation, I said all right, I feel like I can conquer the world. Let me open up my own medical practice. And I did and in those first few weeks, a patient came to me and said, “I have reflux. I’ve been to top three gastroenterologists in the city. They’re older and you know, you’re recent graduate, what do you have? That’s new for me, that’s going to take away my gastritis.” And I said, “More antibiotics?”

And he was like, “No, you can’t help me then. You know, I thought you were bringing something new to the table. But if you’re talking to me about antibiotics, I’m not interested.” And so that just hit me hard. Like, wait a second, I just spent seven years studying and what do you mean it’s not helping. And so that was frustrating. And that kind of led me on this path to look for what else is there that isn’t conventional medicine. And that’s when I started to study neuro therapy, homeopathy, homotoxicology, little bit of acupuncture, this and that.

And so I started to incorporate them. And so I would see people with gastritis and say, “Okay, I just learned these homeopathic drops. And so take this, take 10 drops of this and then three hours later, take five drops of this.” And it was combining like, whoa, that’s too much, it’s complicated. And so I then learned neuro therapy with procaine and so they would come in and I’d say, okay, let me do this gastric circle and let me do these points and is nerd. And they’re like, it hurts. I’m afraid of needles, this is nerd. And when they come back a week later, okay, it helped, but you know, I don’t like needles, what else do you have for me?

And so then I learned ozone and so I use ozone injections over the same neuro therapy points and combined with homeopathy and homotoxicology. And so, you know, yes, patients gotten a little better. But still, it was so many things that I had to combine. And then I was always thinking, okay, I got them better a little bit, but it’s still not 100%. And they’re coming back every four or five months, their gastritis or whatever issue isn’t chronic, but it’s still coming back.

And so that’s when I found out biomagnetism. And I met a doctor that when I spoke to him, he said, “Look, I do biomagnetism and my life can be divided into before biomagnetism and after bio magnetism. And if you’re as open as I think you are, this is going to be the therapy that beats all therapists.”

And for someone to say that my life can be divided into two. Those are big words. And so I started looking it up and before I knew it, I was in Ecuador and learning biomagnetism from Dr. Goiz himself. He invented this technique over 30 years ago. And so, while I was at the course he asked, in the first day, who here has an arm or a leg that’s longer or shorter than the other? I raised my hand because for my entire life, my right arm was longer than my left. So was my father’s so was my grandfather’s.

And so when I discovered that in myself, I was about 15. I was going to the gym and I was doing bench presses and lat pull downs, and it was always uncomfortable because they were slightly off. And so what I asked my father, “Dad, what can be done about my arms? They’re uneven.” He said, “Son, its genetic. One of your sons or daughters will also have it. There’s nothing you can do about it, you know, welcome to genetics.” And at the age of 15, you’re like, okay, that’s what my father; medical doctor says, I got to go with it.

When Dr. Goiz fast forward, that first day of class asked that, I said, “Well, I’ve had my right arm longer than my left my entire life.” He said, “Come over here, lay down.” He placed two magnets on my body, and ever since my arms have been even ever since, just with biomagnets. So what I ended up having was a pH imbalance. I had acidity in my left shoulder that forced and caused a small muscular contraction here. I swim for over 40 years, I did all types of different sports, nothing ever released that pH imbalance that I had. The only thing was to appropriately, very specifically placed magnets, then released that contraction. And allowed for my arms to be the exact length that they were that I was born with, just I acquired a low pH imbalance. And so that blew me away. And being a conventional doctor, or having that conventional training, yet having experienced all the other different techniques and modalities, I said, “Wait a second, this can’t be so miraculous, let me really try this out. And let me prove this to myself.”

Because the things I learned during that seminar were just way too miraculous to kind of fathom and really put my head around. So when I got back to my office, I told my nurses; right from now on, I’m going to do magnets on everyone. And I’m going to do some experiments, and this and that. And so I started to see patients with urinary tract infections. And I would have them, go to the lab, drop off their urine sample for a culture for analysis, and then come back to my office that same day, and I would do the magnets on them. And I would detect that they had the pH imbalance issues relating to either E.coli infection or klebsiella infection, or you name it, urinary tract infection. I would place the magnets on very specific areas of their body where those infections were hiding out causing inflammation and the UTI. And then I would have them come back three days later with the lab report. And the lab report would say either E.coli, klebsiella or whatever bacteria that I actually had detected. And I would ask them, “How did you feel after our session?” And they would all respond; felt great, the burning, all the symptoms disappeared and I feel good. And so I would then have them go back to the lab, drop off another sample, have it cultured and then come back another three days later.

And everything would be negative and clear. And they would not need any more antibiotics or any antibiotics, period. Yet they came for chronic UTI. Once I started placing magnets on them, it cleared permanently. And so I did that for pneumonias, for bronchitis. I did that for renal or kidney stones. I did it for gallbladder stones, for many different issues that you could prove with laboratory analysis. And so I would first see the alternative analysis, I’d place the magnets and then have them a week or a few days later, go back to the lab, get another analysis, and it would be cleared. And so it was just amazing how fast some of those things resolved. And that for me was just an eye opening awakening experience to realize that, wow, I didn’t need to write a prescription for painkillers, for antibiotics, for anxiety medication, for you name it. And so I just started testing and applying my knowledge, and going to more seminars. And before I knew it, I had gone over a year without touching my prescription pad, because I didn’t need to write anything for them. I was solving it with using the magnets. And so that kind of what led me to where I am.

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