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Luis F. García, MD.

Biomagnetism has the potential to advance the health industry throughout the world. It is a simple, effective system that people from all walks of life can learn and apply. By empowering them to reclaim control of their well-being and health, it restores hope.”

~Dr. Garcia

“This is only the beginning of a transformational wave that is moving across the globe and needs to be known. I want to be part of that healing medical movement!”

This training seminar will be presented in English by Dr. Luis F. Garcia. Dr. Garcia will teach theory and hands on practice daily. He will address the audience on the proper informed consent format to use and legal issues encountered that must be adhered when applying the Biomagnetism Therapy in the United States.


October 2021 Class Group

Requirements for Classes

  • You will need to bring your own notebooks. Pens will be provided.
  • Dress code: This is a professional training seminar, as such, professional attire is required.
  • Please, no shorts, sweat pants, tank tops, tee-shirts, sandals, Crocs or flip-flops.
  • Please bring a pair of clean socks daily to be used during practice times.
  • Name badges will be provided; they must be visible during the duration of the seminar.
  • We recommend that you download and subscribe to our Beyond Biomag 3D application for you to learn and use as a reference tool during the seminar and beyond.

Why is Dr. Garcia offering this Training?

This seminar will be a combination of critical information that Dr. García has personally attained as a Biomagnetism practitioner (Over 10 years), as well as his attendance to over 22 Biomagnetism courses, mostly taught by Dr. Goiz himself. “I admire, respect, and thank Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran for his “Nobel prize worthy” genius work and effort. Dr. Goiz’s method is unique and so are his discovered pairs and his therapy continues to evolve. This is only the beginning of a transformational healing wave that is moving across the globe. I want to be part of that healing medical movement!”, Dr. Garcia declares.

Being a Medical Doctor and experiencing firsthand the miraculous changes and benefits of this therapy with thousands of his patients,Dr. Garcia wanted to responsibly bring as much of this therapy to the world so that thousands of lives may continue to benefit. Although some have recommended to simply heal


Dr. Garcia Teaching

and remain silent, Dr. Garcia feels that silence is no longer an option anymore. Modern medical science is only now beginning to recognize this therapy as it is formally being taught in medical schools in Spain and in Mexico. Too many people need this therapy and information NOW. As a Medical Doctor, Dr. Garcia felt it was his moral and ethical responsibility to shed light on Biomagnetism and share it with his medical colleagues and the thousands of others in search of a powerful natural modality to balance health. His training seminar and phone app attempt to answer questions for all mankind about our health. Dr. Garcia has combined his knowledge from many other Biomagnetism mentors around the world including Dr. Miguel Ojeda, Dr. Salvador Gutierrez Rodriguez de Mondelo, Dr. Enrique de Juan Gonzalez de Castejon, Dr. Mario Ricardo Rodriguez, Jorge Mena PhD, Antonio Salas PhD, Gustavo Guayasamin, Jorge Tapia, Carlos Zamora, and Alejandro Lavin.

Let us all unite and continue to make this a global phenomenon one relevant Biomagnetic pair at a time. I welcome your feedback and look forward to meeting you at the seminar.I would like to conclude with a quote that a medical colleague used as well about this therapy being made public.

I would like to conclude with a quote that a medical colleague used as well about this therapy being made public.

“Science and art belong to the whole world, and the barriers of nationality vanish before them” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  (1749 – 1832)

Luis Fernando Garcia MD

About The Training

This training seminar will be presented in English by Dr. Luis F. Garcia. Dr. Garcia will teach theory and hands on practice daily. During the course, we will feature our guest lecturer and legal attorney, Ralph Fucettola JD ( He will address the audience on the proper informed consent format to use and legal issues encountered that must be adhered when applying the Biomagnetism Therapy in the United States.

This seminar offers a combination of critical and constructive information, fruit of the experience obtained by Dr. García over 14 years, as well as the attendance to more than 25 biomagnetism courses, mostly dictated by Dr. Goiz.

Apart from Dr. Goiz’s courses, Dr. García has combined the knowledge obtained from different biomagnetism mentors such as: Dr. Miguel Ojeda, Dr. Salvador Gutiérrez Rodríguez de Mondelo, who will honor us with his presence at this seminar, Dr Enrique de Juan González de Castejón, Dr. Mario Ricardo Rodríguez, PhD Jorge Mena, PhD Antonio Salas, Gustavo Guayasamín, Jorge Tapia, Carlos Zamora and Alejandro Lavin.

In the words of Dr. García, “I admire, respect and thank Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán who is an eminence on the subject of biomagnetism.” This is the beginning of a transformative healing movement that grows more and more around the world.

Having dabbled in healing methods through biomagnetism and in addition to his professional medical training, Dr. García widely implements and recommends this therapy for the improvement and maintenance of health.

Modern medical science is just beginning to recognize this therapy. Dr. García considers that it is his moral and ethical responsibility to contribute to the dissemination of this information to be disclosed among his academic peers and to all those involved in healing issues.

Dr. García and his team have developed a mobile application ( Beyond biomag 3D ) that serves as support in solving doubts related to the implementation of biomagnetism therapy in people with a special condition.

We appreciate your comments and look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

We leave you with this quote:

“Science and art belong to the whole world, and the barriers of nationality disappear before them” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832).

Realistic Expectations:

This course is designed for health professionals such as medical doctors, specialized therapists like chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, etc., both professionals and students, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, and anyone that wants to enjoy of good health and share with family or simply help others to heal themselves. Biomagnetism is compatible with all other therapies and treatments such as flower essences, Emotional Freedom Technique, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, psychology, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, orthomolecular medicine, herbal medicine, etc… Biomagnetism may also be combined with conventional medical and pharmacological treatments. It may benefit chronic and degenerative conditions. In fact, thousands of allopathic doctors are already using this powerful technique in their medical offices, either publicly or secretly, to complement and enhance their medical treatments.A basic yet minimum knowledge of anatomy and physiology is strongly recommended. Although there is no prerequisite for this course, students can study these subjects later at their own pace. The only prerequisite for this course is having an open mind free from prejudice and the desire to learn and help others.

Once again, we recommend that you download and subscribe to our Beyond Biomag 3D App so that you can learn to use it as a reference tool during the seminar and beyond.

Training Programs

Level 1

  1. Introduction.
  • Evolution and physics of matter, Elementary concepts, Fundamental physical forces, Elementary physics of matter
  • The biomagnetic pole and the biomagnetic pair.
  • States of matter, general concepts, Inorganic, and organic matter
  1. Concepts of medical biomagnetism.
  • The NEN concept.
  • Biomagnetic pole concept, North and south biomagnetic pole
  • Influences of biomagnetism, Characteristics, Relationship of the biomagnetic pair, and the neutral energy level
  • Influence of biomagnetism on living materials and beings
  • Biomagnetic diagnosis. Characteristics. Allopathic diagnosis vs. biomagnetism, Biomagnetic therapy, Duration, Results
  • Medical biomagnetism. In viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasite infections.
  1. Bases of the biomagnetic pair.
  • Biomagnetism and magnetotherapies concepts
  • Magnetization of water
  • PH concept, Organic pH regulation, pH of the biomagnetic pair
  • Universal law of charges (Coulomb’s law)
  • Resonance concept, Resonance in nature, in medicine, and in the biomagnetic pair
  • Symbiosis concept, Mutualism, and Parasitism. The viral-bacterial symbiosis, Symbiosis in the biomagnetic pair.
  • Rheology concept, Rheology in the human body: blood, lymphatic, aerial, and humoral rheology
  • Entropy concept
  • Concept of “intentionality”
  1. Microbiology of the biomagnetic pair.
  • History of the etiology of the disease
  • History of the infectious etiology of the disease. The “mistakes of Louis Pasteur”
  • Microbiology concepts. Viruses, prions, bacteria, fungi, parasites.
  1. Theory and clinic of the biomagnetic pair.
  • Concepts in magnetotherapy
  • Golden rules of medical biomagnetism
  1. Types of biomagnetic pairs.
  • Regular pairs
  • Reservoir pairs
  • Special pairs
  • Complex pairs
  • Temporary pairs

Level 2

  1. Infectious pathophysiology in medical biomagnetism.
  • The tumor phenomenon according to the biomagnetic pair, Exudates concept, Infiltrator concept, Septic infiltrate concept, Abscess concept, Dysplasia concept, Benign neoplasm concept, Malignancy concept, Metastasis concept
  • Cancer, Malignancy factor, Regionality factor, Slow growth factor, Explosive growth factor, Membrane injury factor, Metastasis factor, Septic necrosis factor
  • Concept of “disaster areas”. Theorizing about tumor genesis, Manifestation of Dr. Goiz
  1. Exploration methodology.
  • Biomagnetic pairs
  • Pre-tumor and tumor phenomena
  • Vascular problems
  • Psychological problems
  • Sophrological problems
  • Emotional problems
  • Hormonal problems
  • Toxic and deficiency problems
  • Spiritual problems
  • Malignancy problems
  • Embryology
  1. Energetic and tele-energetic
  • Methodology and practice of medical energy
  • Methodology and practice of tele-energy treatment
  1. Dealing with serious illnesses
  1. Practical cases (biomagnetism courses)
  1. Special topics (Coronavirus, Lyme disease, and malaria in Kenya – Dr. García Experience)
  1. Jaramillo soup

Certified Biomagnetic Practitioners, unless separately licensed to do so, do not not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions, nor provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles, but rather provide traditional ministerial counseling, bioenergetic, biofeedback, herbal and/or nutritional modalities that may offer therapeutic benefit by supporting normal structure and function.

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