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Why Dr Garcia's Beyond Biomag Seminar?

✔️ Actively participating in clinical research
✔️ Offers over 320 Biomagnetic pairs
✔️ International and national experience in USA
✔️ Trained with over 10 Biomagnetism and Bioenergy healers from around the world
✔️ Has developed a Lyme Protocol based on his over 10 years of experience dealing with Lyme disease here in the USA
✔️ Level one Beyond Biomagnetism Seminar is equivelent to level one and level two combined
✔️ Ralph Fucetola JD will explain the legalities involved in practicing Biomagnetism
✔️ Visit our Youtube channel to see student testimonials from our seminars
✔️ I Consider my course as an evolution of the original and have taken it BEYOND
✔️ Seminars are given in English and No translation is necessary

Biomagnetism is a scientific and therapeutic approach to wellness that is quite different from traditional western medicine.  It is a practiced health approach that boosts the bio-magnetic balance in the human body. This therapy involves the process of restoring and maintaining optimal pH and the reestablishment of homeostasis to allow for the body to heal itself. 

Biomagnetism therapy optimizes oxygenation, circulation, immune system functions, and may even help with inflammation.  Like exercise, it results in creating very positive effects on the human body. It is an energetic and vibrational therapy that scans the body for pH imbalances.  Magnets of medium intensity are applied to specific areas of the body for balancing both alkaline and acidic levels within the body.

Our Biomagnetism training seminars have been designed for everyone from health fields such as medical doctors and therapy specialists like osteopaths, physical therapists, dentists, nurses, and veterinarians, to non-health field professionals that simply want to learn how to heal themselves or a loved one. Through Biomagnetic therapy training, you will be able to detect, classify and correct pH imbalances using magnets.  

Most people often confuse Biomagnetic therapy with magnetic therapy and magnetic acupuncture. Unlike these other two therapies, Biomagnetic therapy makes use of pairs of magnets that are placed in very specific anatomical pairings and are of opposite charges. 

Thus, Biomagnetism restores pH balance within the body so that certain pathogens may not thrive in this optimal condition. Results from this therapy system may be observed within a few minutes, days, or even a few weeks. Biomagnetic Therapy is a trustworthy therapy and used with precaution for patients with pacemakers and pregnant women. The ultimate goal of this therapy is the complete restoration of health in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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