Fungus on hands Biomag

Fungus on the Hands
An older male client with apparently “rough hands” for the last 8 months approached for Biomagnetism Therapy. He was a professional carpenter and assumed that he eventually developed an allergic reaction to one of the many types of wood that he had been in contact with throughout the years. He could not identify the exact cause and sought medical attention on several occasions visiting different dermatologists for several months.

Before Biomagnetism:Dry cracked and peeling skin on fingers and palms can be observed despite gentleman having tried steroid, antifungal and moisturizing creams and lotions for months as prescribed by the different Medical professionals.

After Biomagnetism:3 weeks after the first session, client’s hands recovered back to the normal skin without the further need of expensive creams and visits to specialists for “Excessively dry skin” or “Allergic reactions”.

Magnets were placed on biomagnetism pairs relating to fungus and an underlying virus resonating with the fungus. This case highlights just how quickly the body can heal itself if given the proper conditions with regards to pH balance, magnetic energy, and nutrition as he had also been told to limit his sugar intake and improve his nutrition.

For more information about Biomagnetism terminologies visit What is Biomagnetism

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3 comments on “Fungus on the Hands

  1. Does Biomagnetism help with heavy metals in the body? I have a high amount that my body is not detoxifying and my liver is sluggish and has mold and bacteria on it.

    1. Gina Marie
      Biomagnetism may help with detoxifying heavy metals. Biomagnetism restores pH balance to many different organs including kidneys, liver, and the lymphatic system amongst others all that help detox these heavy metals. Through the bioenergy work that takes place during a biomagnetism session, the therapist can determine the most optimal means to address the detox process by recommending biomagnetic pairs, supplements, and other lifestyle changes that will be individualized to each person.

      Unfortunately, a number of medical procedures (e.g. contrast MRI, dental fillings, and vaccines) may introduce an overwhelming amount of heavy metals (e.g. gadolinium, mercury, and aluminum) so that supplemental protocols (e.g. chelating supplements or IVs) may be essential to eliminating the heavy metals.

  2. Dear Dr. García:
    I am an American living in Malta. My name is Alma Diaz.
    I went into the “Beyond Biological Medicine” online website where I also heard you speak about Biomagnetism. I also saw your example of “fungus on the hands”. We have purchased the “Goiz magnets” and we have 10 of them in house with us. Is it possible that you describe where to position the magnets on Donato my husband’s body as you did with the gentleman that you show in the picture on “fungus on the hands, please? Tell me also whether to apply the magnets daily, weekly?? Do you also follow a certain specific food diet? And is the ph balance attained by taking something Not mentioned? Dr. García, tell me please where to find the APP for “Apple”. I could not find it on What is the name of the App.***

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