TELMO REHM EMF protector for ipods, ipads, tablets, and all Cell phones.



EMF Protector for electronic equipment including ipods, ipads, tablets, and all Cell phones: Iphones, Samsung and others. Each pack of TELMO REHM EMF Protector will contain one EMF Protector sticker.








EMF Protector for electronic equiptment including ipods, ipads, tablets, and all Cell phones: Iphones, Samsung and others. These adhesive EMF protectors will distort and alter the hazardous EMF fields radiating from your cell phone without interrupting cell phone signal and providing a more calming sensation when using your cell phone.  Check out our video explanation here.  Installation: Cell Phones – Apply 2 adhesives on the back of the phone slightly separated in vertical position directly in the center of the device.  Ipads and tablets – The same as for cell phones.  Laptop computers – Place 1 adhesive directly on the battery (underneath the laptop) on the side closest to the power port.  Another adhesive should be placed on the front side of the laptop on either the left or right side of the touch pad.  It does not matter the side it is on.






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