• Dr. Luis F Garcia
  • April 13, 2022

Does Biomagnetism benefit children?

Absolutely, YES! One of the most impressive results observed in children is GROWTH. The magnetic energy most likely restores the pH balance to the anterior pituitary gland, and human growth hormone levels are restored to optimal. From hearing Dr. Goiz express this theory for the first time over 10 years ago to witnessing these effects in children with growth issues, the results have been amazing! The current interpretation of what happens is that by using the magnets, the pH of the pituitary gland is restored back to normal homeostasis and the body can then continue to work optimally. The same way that vitamins and minerals can help sustain normal metabolism and support a healthy immune system, the magnets provide a more stable pH environment for the glands and organs of our bodies to also sustain normal metabolism.

For pH balancing the pituitary gland, place the Black side of a powerful Neodymium magnet directly over and facing the pituitary gland which lies in the middle of the forehead (On the “3rd eye”) and place another corresponding opposite magnet pair Red towards the Brainstem in the back of the head (approximately 1 inch above the hairline). According to where you find yourself around the world (Latitude) leave this pair on for the recommended number of minutes as found in the guidelines menu tab in our Beyond Biomag 3D app.

In children, various environmental stressors such as their emotions, nutrition, infections and others can cause for the pituitary gland to function less optimally and therefore produce less growth hormone. When magnets are properly used in Biomagnetism, they may help restore homeostasis to the body and optimize children’s metabolism back to normal levels.

This may all happen synergistically when a healthy and balanced alkaline nutrition is maintained and other changes are achieved to bring their bodies into an optimal metabolic state. If a parent wants a child to grow more, they must help them meet minimum nutritional levels of necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to fulfill those metabolic demands. A diet that consists of mainly junk, fast or processed foods will cause inflammation to the gastrointestinal tract and limit appropriate absorption. This will of course also lack many key nutrients, thereby limiting normal growth, immune system and metabolism among other body systems. Few foods can beat the nutritional value of organic fruits, vegetables and a healthy organic vegetarian based diet to provide the correct balance of the essential nutrients. Non-organic foods tend to be loaded with chemicals from the insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers that are not meant for our bodies, but rather meant for preventing and treating insects and mold and other conditions. I am not saying that we must all become vegans, but how healthy is a cheeseburger or a beef hotdog versus a mixed salad with either beans or grilled organic chicken or vegetables?

Amongst the many other possible benefits of Biomagnetism for children may be an increased appetite, improved sleep, improved behavior such as better attention and reduction of tics, improved or prevention of sore throats, sinus issues, respiratory infections, chronic ear infections, urinary tract infections, skin rashes, acne, diarrhea, other gastrointestinal issues and many other improvements! In my experience, children tend to improve faster than adults because they have not been dealing with certain health complaints for as long as adults have. The longer someone is dealing with an issue, the more inflammation and the more off balance the organ or system becomes. Therefore, more Biomagnetism sessions are needed in adults to restore health, while in children fewer sessions would be required. By applying Biomagnetism appropriately, the pH balance of the body may be restored to allow the body to recover normal structure and function in addition to proper nutrition. Many of the Biomagnetism pairs used for pediatric complaints can be found in our Beyond Biomag 3D app.

2 comments on “Biomagnetism and Children

  1. I would love to learn more about supporting infants as I just completed your Level 1 and 2 training and about 1/3 of my sessions are with infants 1 day old too 6 months. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for the great question! Basically, you will have to work on the infants via a surrogate. Using a relative is ideal since it takes advantage of the stronger bond. You can either place the magnets on the surrogate for the infant or you can place the magnets directly on the infant after using the surrogate to test what pairs they will need. Both of these methods are effective. Trust your instincts and trust the process. You will see amazing results!

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